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Get up to $2 million in a lump sum if you get sick, and all your premiums back if you stay healthy.

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new$25,000 Guaranteed Issue - No Medical

Up to $2 Million With Return of Premium

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Protect your family or business, eliminate taxes and grow your estate.

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Life Insurance
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For Groups
Guaranteed Issue for Groups of 10+


Get up to $10,000 per month for home or facility care, and all your premiums back if you never make a claim.

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LTC Insurance With Return of Premium

For Groups
Guaranteed Issue For Groups of 10+

"When life happened to MY other plans a few years ago, I was without life insurance or income protection. Then it dawned on me - who'd pay our bills if something happened that kept me from working? We needed peace of mind. That's when Rob and I started looking into illnessPROTECTION.We all have enough worries in our lives; how to pay the bills if we get sick shouldn't be one of them. Take a moment today and do what we did - call Mark Halpern."
Erin Davis
"Mark's knowledge about the various Critical Illness insurance products in the marketplace was exceptional. What most impressed me was that he was much more than Critical Illness insurance. His overall approach and recommendations were very diverse and I have since referred him to our accountant to assist with tax and estate planning strategies. I also appreciated Mark's cautious approach with the underwriting of my application... this ensured that I got the right amount of coverage that I wanted and needed."
Dr. Sammy J. Sliwin M.D., FRCSC
Forest Hill Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
"I met with Mark after hearing his radio ads. We met in his office and I found him to be extremely professional. I really appreciated his orientation and process. It wasn't only about insurance, albeit, this was a very important reason for our meeting. He was genuinely interested in finding out about me and my family and our aspirations and goals to determine what was best for us. Mark was very flexible with my busy travel schedule. He followed through even as I experienced a significant move and corporate change. Mark will be a big asset to any senior executive who doesn't have the time or urgency to look after important family matters. I recommend him highly."
Riaz A. Bandali, MBA, BSc
President and General Manager
Global Early Clinical Research
"My legal practice is restricted to insurance matters, and Mark Halpern is my personal insurance expert. When someone asks me where to go to get CI or life insurance, I only provide them with one name: Mark Halpern."
Jill E. McCutcheon
Blaney McMurtry LLP